Enhance your xRover REHA...

xROVER REHA fixation insert M

The insert will provide the safe and comfortable support for the transported person – from his/her head to the feet – as below you will place the fixation little wedge between the feet of the person. 

xROVER protective mosquito net Model M

The protective mesh for every xRover M model will prevent insects from getting into the stroller; it can also protect the interior from dirt and direct sunlight. It is perfect for biking trips and hiking in the great outdoors. It can be easily attached to the canopy of the stroller/buggy with a zipper. You can keep it in the big xRover bag and take it everywhere you go.

xROVER REHA windstopper M

In the Czech Republic sun only shines in the average 1,500 hours a year. But, of course you want to make sports even on those other days. Unless it is raining heavily the transported person will definitely appreciate the windstoper made of a water-repellent material, which is zipped to the stroller and thanks to the view-through for his/her eyes it does not prevent watching trees and stuff.

Visor - model M

Do you like going out for walking? Are you tired of using ugly cloth over your stroller canopy? 

The peak is handy sun protection of the transported person.


Transport bag - model M

Not just the wheels but the entire stroller deserves a solid and firm bag. That is why we have developed a complex bag for problem-free transport of the entire stroller, including accessories.

Winter bag M

It is also called footpouch. … in other words: universal, heat insulated winter bag. The function remains the same. The person can go out with you throughout the winter, yet his/her body will not feel cold. In addition, its detachable foot-warmer can be easily washed in a washing machine and the openings intended as the entry of five-point belts will guarantee the maximum safety to the person inside.

xROVER REHA raincoat M

You can’t control wind, snow or rain … but you still can go out. It is up to you how you protect yourself but the transported person will definitely appreciate our luxury rain coat. It is made of a solid yet transparent material so that he/she can still observe the beauties of the world around. And when the sky brightens just give the raincoat to the rear bag of the stroller.