If you decide to buy any of our xRovers, you should know that you get more than just a baby coach – you also get the sports bicycle trailer. For our product has got – as the only one in the Czech market – the certificate of the Engineering Test Institute for both uses thus becoming completely universal; you can use it to take your child to a city, for shopping or connect it to your bicycle; you can use it for hiking, inline skating, skiing and of course running. Or perhaps you will even find some other use.


The high quality is in the first place for us. Also the materials we use are of the best quality. The baby coach has the all-metal chassis; we use superior aluminium alloys, strength parts and the connecting material is exclusively made of the stainless steel resistant in case of changes of climatic conditions. We only use plastic materials exceptionally and only if necessary.


In our comfortable, easily adjustable and ergonomically shaped seat your child will feel pampered. Even if he/she is not a toddler, he/she can stretch his/her legs comfortably. His/her head and body will fit comfortably between soft rests, soft inner liners; five-point safety belts will hold him/her at place and keep him/her fixed.  There is also plenty of pockets in the seat so that you can take snacks, spare clothing or his/her favourite cuddly toys with you.


As far as health and safety are concerned we are unbeatable in the market! No plastic connecting points, unique slant suspension of wheels and multiple seat protection, fixation insert. This all provides you and your child with the feeling of maximum security. Not to speak about the welded tubular chassis and protecting aluminium elbows, which protect your child even against impact or in case of baby coach overturning.


Spending time with your recently born son/daughter or going for jogging, skating, trekking, biking? Difficult choice?

Having a family trip taking your little child with you in the trailer but dying all the time of fear that something bad might happen to him/her? Or would you be perhaps better off leaving your child and your partner at home and go for sports just yourself?

Well, we have just made the similar decision making history.

Thanks to our multifunctional xRover you will be able to do together whatever you have been used to do (and perhaps even something more). In addition to that you will be able to enjoy yourselves peacefully and without fear as you will be absolutely confident that your child feels comfortable and is safe.

For xRover is a very special baby coach. It is a certified multifunctional baby-coach, which can be used as a bicycle trailer at the same time. Thanks to its nice design it is chic enough for a city ride and it features a number of elements, which predestine it for riding in terrain, in snow or behind a bicycle.

xRover is safe, comfortable, practical and absolutely cool!

See xRover from all sides and go through all the details.



The standard xRover S model. Already in this execution the stroller/ buggy is almost full-fledged and provides the maximum comfort as well as all travel and design benefits. Use as a buggy. The option to purchase all available components.



The fully equipped xRover S model. The maximum equipment for or options of use. Optional choice of wheels - 14" and 20" and additional bags. Price-bargain – more favourable than additional separate purchase of accessories.


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