The fully equipped xRover REHA L model. The maximum equipment for or options of use. Optional choice of wheels - 14" and 20" and additional bags. Price-bargain – more favourable than additional separate purchase of accessories.



Choose a wheel type and color:

Choose a bag type:


  • monolithic alu construction
  • rear 20" wheels with drum brakes and park lock (spoke)
  • front wheel (spoke) 14" with fork
  • swivel front wheel 6" with plastic fork
  • draft rod behind the wheel with complete accessories and fender
  • fixation insert
  • canopy
  • rear bag
  • 5points safety belt
  • mosquito net
  • windstopper, raincoat
  • retaining belt
  • wheel bag
  • bum bag or hand bag
  • connecting parts for other moduls
  • ​metal joints TH900

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