Sports stroller for active families.
Suitable for outdoor activities and also as a bike trailer.

We have a variety of accessories for use all year round. The winter bag keeps your child warm on cold days. The sun peak will keep the sun out of the face of your baby.

The stroller has foldable handlebar, flexible seat positioning, changeable wheels, and further accessories.
Every stroller comes with a mosquito net, raincoat, handbags, cyclo set, safety features, 5-point safety belt, washable seating, fixation insert with a headrest which can be used as a baby supporter for small children.

The stroller can be changed in less than 2 minutes to a bike trailer or vice versa.

The fully equipped xRover S model. The maximum equipment for or options of use. Optional choice of wheels - 14" and 20" and additional bags. Price-bargain – more favourable than additional separate purchase of accessories.



Choose a wheel type and color:

Choose a bag type:


  • monolithic alu construction
  • rear 20" wheels with drum brakes and park lock (felly black or wire)
  • front wheel (spoke or felly) 14" with fork
  • swivel front wheel 6" with alu fork
  • draft rod behind the wheel with complete accessories and fender
  • fixation insert
  • canopy
  • rear bag
  • 5points safety belt
  • mosquito net
  • windstopper, raincoat
  • retaining belt
  • wheel bag
  • bum bag or hand bag
  • connecting parts for other moduls

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